Health 2020
Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC)
Child and adolescent health
This section presents the current available information and status of child and adolescent health in the Member States of the WHO European Region. The indicators document progress in achieving the objectives of the “Investing in children: the European child and adolescent health strategy 2015–2020” (CAH strategy). Gaps in the tables and graphs are due to missing information, which WHO will try to fill through data collection from the countries, starting in second half of 2016.
Seasonal influenza vaccination policies and coverage
Synergistic Health In Emergencies Ladder Development Scale (SHIELDS)
SHIELDS is a special web-based, interactive, integrated IHR Core Capacities monitoring tool to support the Secretariat and Member States in strengthening the Core Capacities as part of the health system development. SHIELDS provide the platform to collect and analyzes all available data from various sources to display a real-time preparedness level of Member States to manage hazards and coordinate the international response during health emergencies.
SHIELDS uses unique analytical methodology that weighs multiple risk factors, from armed conflicts to natural disasters, and their possible effects on health emergencies and determines country’s readiness to respond to such emergencies. It serves as an efficient coordinating mechanism for international aid for the affected areas.