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Indicator notes
Number of early neonatal deaths
Indicator code: E075102.T

The numbers of deaths in infants before 7 days of age in a year._
Country/Area notes
Source of data: National Health Information Analytic Center, Ministry of Health of the Republic of
Armenia http://moh.am/?section=static_pages/index&id=625&subID=824,29
Data collected annually, reference period: 31 December.
Source: Statistics Belgium (National Institute for Statistics).
Bosnia and Herzegovina
See indicator 075002. Source: Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina http://www.bhas.ba/
Federal Office of Statistics: http://www.fzs.ba/
Statistical Institute of Republic of Srpska: http:// www.rzs.rs.ba
The number of deaths, 0-6 days, for 1998-2000 includes children whose mothers are residents of the
Republic of Croatia if they were not absent from Croatia longer than one year or those who were not
residents but have lived in Croatia one year or more. Source: Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics
Source: Causes of Death data, Health Monitoring Unit, Ministry of Health
Source: Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).
Source: the Medical Birth Registry, The Danish Health Data Authority
Early neonatal deaths are deaths occurring during the first seven days of life, I.e. at the age of 0
to 6 full days.
Method: In cases where birthweight is unknown a criteria of gestational age of 28 weeks (if known)
have been used.
Coverage: All live births are included.
See indicator 999998[MR1]. Statistical Office of Estonia.
Source: 1970-1986 Vital Statistics Finland. From 1987 Medical Birth Register (MBR), THL (National
Institute for Health and Welfare).
Note: From 1987 the MBR data was updated to remove the cases which are born abroad and to include
foreigners not permanently living in Finland (excluded in the data from Vital Statistics Finland).
Source of data: Institut national de la statistique et des etudes economiques (INSEE)
Source: National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia (NCDC) (http://www.ncdc.ge)
Source: Federal Statistical Office, Statistics on the causes of death, Fachserie 12, Reihe 4.
http://www.destastis.de or http://www.gbe-bund.de
Coverage: The Statistics on the causes of death includes all those who died in the reference period
excluding stillbirths, war deaths certified at a later date and coroner's declarations of death. It
is based on the death certificate, which is filled out by the doctor who records the death
Source: The Icelandic Birth Registration.
Source: Central Statistics Office. Figures for the last year are by year of registration and are
Source:Health Information Division, Ministry of Health.
Source: ISTAT, Causes of death register.
Break in time series: 2008, when live birth and stillbirth criteria, recommended by the World Health
Organization, were introduce in the country.
Sharp increase in 2004 in early-neonatal and infant mortality trends is associated with the
introduction of international live birth definition in Kyrgyzstan, thus increasing international
comparability of infant mortality data.
The increase in 2014 is related to the overall increase of number of births in respective year.
Break in time series: Starting from 1991, the official data involves births with duration of
pregnancy of at least 22 weeks. The statistics until 1990 include only births with birth weight 1000
grams or more.
Source: Central Statistical Office.
Source: Direction de la Sante Service des Statistiques.
Definition: all early neonatal deaths are included, even those of very low (less than 1000 g) and
unknown weight at birth.
Source: Department of Health Information and Research (National Mortality Register).
Source: Statistical Office of Montenegro.
Note: Data have been corrected for the years 2009 and 2011 because of the previous technical error
in calculations.
Source from 2004: The Netherlands Perinatal Registry (PRN). Includes the number of births after a
gestational age of 22 weeks or more.
The number of deaths, 0-6 days, is derived from the linkage of PRN-data and Population Register
Break in series: until 2004 the source was Statistics Netherlands: Cause of death statistics.
Includes children born after a gestational age of 24 weeks or more.
North Macedonia
Source: State Statistical Office (SSO).
Source of data: Central Statistical Office.
Source of data: National Statistical Institute Coverage: National
Republic of Moldova
This indicator is calculated by the formula: (number of children who died at the age of 0-6 days *
1000) / Number of live births.
Source of data: Medical certificate of perinatal death.
Coverage: Data are without Transnistria.
Source of data: National Statistical Office.
Coverage: from 1998 onwards data do not cover Kosovo and Metohija Province that is under the interim
civilian and military administration of the UN.
Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Source of data: National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia (NIJZ)
Source: National Statistics Institute, extracted from ?Death Statistic according to Cause of Death?
Source of data: The National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW)
The Causes of Death Register (NBHW)
Source of data: FSO Federal Statistical Office, BEVNAT
Source of data: Public Health Institution of Turkey, Ministry of Health of Turkey.
Source of data: Administrative medical statistics, form 19 ?Report on medical care for pregnant
women, women in labour and puerperant?, and form 14 ?Report on hospital?s activity?, ?Medical
certificate of perinatal death? 0106-2/y.
Source: Centre of Health Statistics, Ministry of Health.
Coverage: Includes only early neonatal deaths 500+ g. registered in institutions of Ministry of
Deaths of live births with body weight of 500-999 g have been registered in the past as well, but
they were not included in the perinatal statistics.