WHO/Europe Data Warehouse API

The WHO/Europe Data Warehouse API allows software developers programmatic access to the contents of the data at the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The API allows programmers to programmatically access more than 8 000 indicators and query the data in several ways, using parameters to define the request. Many data series date back 40 years.

Each indicator and data set is marked with a time stamp of last update.

The API can be used to

  • Find recently added or updated data sets
  • Search for the indicators in the data warehouse by indicator name, data sets, or by related indicators on a particular topic.
  • Download data, indicator definitions, and country-specific notes for offline use.

The API specifications page is the API's technical documentation and describes how to query the API, demonstrate specific queries and show expected results, and gives several examples.

See the tutorials for how to use the API with R.

View the API specification