• Number of new hepatitis C cases (Line chart)
  • Number of new hepatitis C cases (Bar chart)
Data set notes
European Health for All database

Indicators: 618
Updated: 04 September 2022

The following abbreviations are used in the indicator titles:
•    SDR: age-standardized death rates (see HFA-DB user manual/Technical notes, page 13, for details)
•    FTE: full-time equivalent
•    PP: physical persons
•    PPP$: purchasing power parities expressed in US $, an internationally comparable scale reflecting the relative domestic purchasing powers of currencies.

Indicator notes
Number of new hepatitis C cases
Indicator code: E045314.T

ICD-10: B17.1. Data from existing national notification systems are reported at least annually to the corresponding Communicable Diseases unit at WHO/EURO.

Country/Area notes
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