See the video below on how to share a chart and data with others. Note: Russian subtitles are available for the video.

There are many options for sharing and reusing the charts and information from the Gateway:

  • Bookmark the chart or indicator for own future use
  • Share on social media, or via email
  • Download the graph or the data to your computer

1. Open the HFA explorer

2. Create a chart.

3. Make a bookmark to save the chart for future reference.

4. You can view saved bookmarks by clicking on the Bookmarks icon.

5. To share the chart on social media

a. Click the Share icon.

b. Several options are available for sharing, including Facebook and Twitter. More options for social media platforms are found by clicking the plus button.

c. Select the social media platform by clicking the button and you will be directed there.

d. If you would like to share the link in a media format not already listed, you can click on the Copy link button and paste the link to share the chart.

6. To embed the chart it in other web pages, copy and paste the Embed code. The embedded chart always uses the latest data published from the Gateway.