The indicators from in the family of the European Health for All databases, are accessible in the European Health Information Gateway and can be explored in the dedicated tool – the Health for All explorer. See the video below how to find an indicator in the Health for All explorer. Note: Russian subtitles are available for the video.


1. Open Health for All explorer in your browser.

2. The Health for All explorer allows you to find an indicator across all the related databases, and it has a rich set of features. A list of indicators can be found in the Select indicators menu, and there are over 1500 of them.

3. You can filter the list of indicators by originating database, by checking or unchecking the name of the HFA databases.

  • HFA - Health for All database
  • MDB - Mortality Indicator Database
  • HlthRes - Human and Technical Resources for Health

4. To search for an indicator.

  • Click on the magnifying glass in the left menu.
  • Find the indicator by starting to type.
  • Use the indicator by clicking on it.

5. The indicator can be visualized in several graphs: a line chart, bubble chart or map. Here is the line chart view, which shows the population-weighed regional average of the life expectancy at birth.