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Literacy rate (%) in population aged 15+ years

Full name:
Literacy rate (%) in population aged 15+ years, by sex
Type of measure:
Population-weighted country group average, Proportion
Data source:
European Health for All database
Data source notes:
The following abbreviations are used in the indicator titles:
•    SDR: age-standardized death rates (see HFA-DB user manual/Technical notes, page 13, for details)
•    FTE: full-time equivalent
•    PP: physical persons
•    PPP$: purchasing power parities expressed in US $, an internationally comparable scale reflecting the relative domestic purchasing powers of currencies.

Indicator notes:
Literacy rate (%) in population aged 15+ years
Indicator code: E150201.T

The percentage of people aged 15 and above who can, with understanding, read and write a short, simple statement related to their life.

Data source: UNDP and UNESCO_
Country notes:
Literacy rates refer to the population aged 16 years and more.