Policy & analysis
  • Health at a glance: Europe
    This second edition presents the most recent indicators of health and health systems in 35 countries: the 27 European Union countries, five candidate countries and three European Free Trade Association countries. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • Primary care in Europe
    Contains information on primary care in 31 European countries, collected with a monitoring instrument developed within the European Union-funded Primary Health Care Activity Monitor for Europe project. (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research)
  • Primary health care. Now more than ever
    Structures primary health care reform in four groups that reflect the convergence between the evidence on what is required for an effective response to the health challenges of today’s world, the values of equity, solidarity and social justice that drive the movement, and the growing expectations of the population in modernizing societies. (WHO)
  • The strength of primary care in Europe
    Thesis describing variations in primary care across Europe, showing why countries differ in organization and delivery and investigating the relation between primary care and health-care system outcomes. (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research)
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  • A reference list of tools and methods to aid in the design, implementation and monitoring of policies in this area of public health.

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  • Explore related indicators and visualizations, download data in Excel and CSV formats, analyze and share graphics.

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