Stakeholders & projects

WHO Regional Office for Europe

  • Mental health
    Supports countries in preparing plans and policies to improve mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention, care and treatment.

European Commission (EC)

  • DG Health and Food Safety
    Good mental health is beneficial not only for individuals but for economic growth and social development. These are European Union policy goals.

Council of Europe (CoE)

  • Mental health
    The Council of Europe protects the human rights and dignity of people with mental disorders.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

  • Mental Health and Work
    Mental ill health is increasingly recognized as a problem for social and labour-market policy, since it creates significant costs for people, employers and the economy at large.
  • Empowerment of Service Users and Carers (WHO Europe)
    Co-funded partnership with the European Commission, the project ams to empower people with mental health problems and their carers through direct involvement, so that users of mental health services and their carers can provide valuable contributions and insights.
  • EUREGENAS (European Commission)
    To strengthen awareness and capacity of mental health promotion and suicide prevention, to develop early detection, support and referral of suicidal behaviour and to reduce suicide rates among high-risk groups by improving the efficacy of care and support in European countries.
  • Mental Health and Work (OECD)
    Includes reports on how the broader challenges in education, health, social and labour market policy identified in Sick on the job? Myths and realities about mental health and work (2011) are being tackled in OECD countries.
  • Mental Health Systems in OECD Countries (OECD)
    Two main activities: conducting reviews of evidence and best practice in key policy areas; and building and applying a framework for assessing mental health system performance, particularly value for money.
  • MINDFUL (European Commission)
    To improve mental health information within the European Union based on previous work in the field, by widening the scope of mental health monitoring systems to cover not only mental ill-health but also the promotion of positive mental health.
  • OSPI-Europe (European Commission)
    A collaborative research project to provide European Union member states with an evidence-based concept for prevention of suicidality.
  • PREDI-NU (Eropean Commission)
    Contributes to promotion of mental health and prevention of depression and suicidality through information and communication technology.
  • PROYOUTH (European Commission)
    European initiative for the promotion of mental health and prevention of eating disorders in young people.
    To reduce mortality and morbidity due to suicidal behaviour, break the taboo surrounding suicide and bring together national authorities and the public in an integrated way to overcome these challenges.
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