Policy & analysis
  • Major and chronic diseases
    Overview of the main topics, including depression, discussed by the Task Force on Major and Chronic Diseases in 2006, and the results of various projects funded by the European Commission. (European Commission)
  • Mental health atlas 2014
    Collection, compilation and dissemination of relevant information about mental health resources in different countries. (WHO)
  • Policies and practices for mental health in Europe: meeting the challenges
    Overview of policies and practices for mental health in 42 Member States in the WHO European Region. (WHO/Europe)
  • Sickness, disability and work: breaking the barriers. A synthesis on findings across OECD countries
    The report examines a number of critical policy choices between: tightening inflows and raising outflows from disability benefit, and promoting job retention and new hiring of people with health problems. It questions the need for distinguishing unemployment and disability as two distinct contingencies, emphasizes the need for a better evidence base and underlines the challenges for policy implementation. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • Special Eurobarometer 345. Mental health. Part 1: report
    Mental health state of European Union citizens in 2010. (European Commission, TNS Opinion, TNS Social)
  • Special Eurobarometer: mental well-being
    Examines issues raised by the green paper on mental health, such as the connection between physical and mental health, the effects of mental health on society and personal life and the stigmatization of people with mental or emotional problems. (European Commission)
  • The state of mental health in the European Union
    Describes and compares the state of mental health in the European Union and Norway in the context of long-standing efforts of European Union public health programmes to promote good mental health and to prevent mental ill health. (European Commission)
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