• Most important projects and stakeholders working in this area of public health, including intergovernmental organizations, national government bodies, and non-state actors.

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  • Information and evidence resources, issue briefs, case studies and evidence synthesis briefs that can inform policy-making.

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    Evidence and evidence-informed practice
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  • A collection of policies and analyses in this area of public health in the WHO European Region.

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  • A reference list of tools and methods to aid in the design, implementation and monitoring of policies in this area of public health.

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About the theme

Health systems are fundamental to achieving and maintaining societal health and welfare. Ensuring the environmental sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint of the health systems throughout the Region remain important objectives and responsibilities of Member States. Towards these goals, health systems should assess and improve their environmental performance and efficiency in the use of resources. This will contribute to global mitigation goals and adaptation to climate risks while also enhancing their overall sustainability and resilience.