Evidence and evidence-informed practice
  • ICT Statistics
    This database is the official source for global information and communication technology (ICT) statistics based on the collection, verification and harmonization of telecommunication/ICT statistics in approximately 200 economies worldwide.
  • Global Observatory for eHealth (GOe)
    WHO launched GOe as an initiative dedicated to the study of eHealth – its evolution and impact on health in countries. The observatory model combines WHO coordination regionally and at headquarters to monitor the development of eHealth worldwide, with an emphasis on individual countries.
  • Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
    IHME provides comparable measurements for some of the most important health issues and evaluates the strategies used to address them. It also helps to find ways to improve the monitoring of population health.
  • Overview of the national laws on electronic health records in the EU Member States and their interaction with the provision of cross-border eHealth services: Final report and recommendations
    This report presents an overview to monitor the national laws on EHRs in the EU Member States and assess the interaction of these laws with the provision of cross-border eHealth.
  • JRC Science Hub
    The JRC provides independent scientific advice and support to EU policy. This website includes a compilation of a large number of databases focused on health and consumer protection. These resources are available either to all members of the public or to specific research groups.
  • NDPHS Database
    NDPHS provides a single access point and a source of information and data on ongoing and implemented projects, organizations, reports, publications and similar on health and social well-being.
  • Institute of Education in London database of promoting health effectiveness
    This large database contains primary research, studies and evidence reviews of health promotion reviews and randomized and non-randomized controlled trials of public health and health promotion interventions.
  • Health Data Navigator (HDN)
    This interactive platform is a digital compendium of major health databases and initiatives which allows policy-makers, researchers and health care professionals access to health data as well as methodically reporting sources of health information.
  • WHO eHealth project database
    This project database initiative aims to collect and make available information on validated, operational eHealth projects that demonstrate the effective use of ICT for health.
  • Health Evidence Network
    Provides access to resources selected for their relevance to decision-making in public health, health care and health system policy in the Region. (WHO/Europe)
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