• Malignant neoplasm of ovary, per 100 000 population, females (age-standardized death rate) (Line chart)
  • SDR, females, Malignant neoplasm of ovary, per 100 000 (Boxplot chart)
Data set notes
European mortality database

Indicators: 852
Updated: 02 September 2022

European mortality database allows age- and sex-specific analysis of mortality trends by broad disease-groups, as well as dis-aggregated to 67 specific causes of death. Data reach back to 1980.

Indicator notes
ICD-9 BTL codes: B123
ICD-9 codes: 183
ICD-10 codes: C56
ICD-10 Mortality Condensed list 1: 1039
EUROSTAT list of 65 causes: 20

SDR is the age-standardized death rate calculated using the direct method and standard European population structure.
CDR is the crude death rate calculated as a simple ratio: number of registered deaths/ mid-year population (per 100000).

Mortality rates have been calculated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe using the data on deaths by cause/age/sex and mid-year population by age/sex, annually reported to WHO by European Member States. It should be noted that Mortality rates for some countries may be biased due to the under-registration of death cases, particularly in the central Asian republics, the Caucasus countries and some countries in the Balkans region (seenotes on data availability and quality under menu item Help).
Country/Area notes
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