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Indicator notes
Number of abortions, all ages
Indicator code: E285500.T

Total number of induced abortions, irrespective of the method. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus has attained viability. The legal requirements for abortion vary between countries. Usually these requirements are the weight of 500 g or 1000 g or corresponding gestational periods of 22 and 28 weeks.


Age of pregnant woman is under 20 years.

Age of pregnant woman is 35 years and above._
Country/Area notes
Ministry of Health.
Source of data: National Health Information Analytic Center, Ministry of Health of the Republic of
Armenia http://moh.am/?section=static_pages/index&id=625&subID=824,29.
Data collected annually, reference period: 31 December.
Note: In year 2013, the number of abortions in the age less than 20 years increased due to induced
abortions on mother?s decision.
Decrease in number of abortions in age under 20 years in 2014 is due to changing situation regarding
conscious birth control among young people. Additional reason is the migration of young people.
Data are not available.
Prior to 1997 total abortion data did not include abortions in the earlier gestation age performed
by vacuum-aspiration method. From 1997 onwards, this is included in the data.
Source: Federal Public Service of Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Commission
nationale d'evaluation de la loi relative a l'interruption de grossesse. Remark: These data only
include abortions carried out in Belgium.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Public Health Institute of Federation of B&H; Public Health Institute of Republic of Srpska.
Programme of Statistical Researches in Republic of Srpska. Annual reports of health facilities
Department for Health of Brcko District
Source: Croatian National Institute of Public Health.
No data are available
Source: Institute of Health Information and Statistics of CR (IHIS CR).
Coverage: Abortions on request (induced) of the woman until the 12th week of gestation. After that
time, up to 24th week for medical reasons only.
Break in time series: Abortions of foreign citizens are included since 2004.
Total number of legal abortions.
Source: http://www.esundhed.dk/sundhedsregistre/ABR/Sider/ABR01.aspx
The Medical Birth Registry, The Danish Health Data Authority
Source: Until 1995, data from annual reporting system. From 1996, data from Estonian Abortion
Registry, National Institute for Health Development.
Until 1990 includes all abortions. Until 1991, 28 weeks. From 1992, 22 weeks of gestational age.
Source: Register on Induced Abortions and Sterilisations, THL (National Institute for Health and
Source of data: Direction de la recherche, des etudes de l?evaluation et des Statistiques ,
ministere en charge de la sante. Donnees hospitalieres et des regimes d?assurance maladie ( regime
general apartir de 2006, tous regimes a partir de 2010).
Source: National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia (NCDC) (http://www.ncdc.ge)
Source: Federal Statistical Office, Statistics of pregnancy terminations, Fachserie 12, Reihe 3.
http://www.destatis.de or http://www.gbe-bund.de
Coverage: Terminations of pregnancy are interventions carried out by medical practitioners with the
aim of early termination of pregnancy (induced abortions). The federal statistics about pregnancy
terminations only includes terminations carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany. A
termination is considered as justified, if the intervention is carried out because of the
counselling rule (\Beratungsregelung\") or if there is an indication (medical
Source: The Directorate of Health.
Data is obtained from the annual report of notifications in accordance with section 20 of the
Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013. The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 was
enacted on the 30th of July 2013 and commenced on 1st of January 2014. Section 20 of the Act
provides for a notification system in relation to all terminations of pregnancy carried out under
the Act.E285501.T - Number of abortions, age under 20 years
This element does not have its own definition. Definition used for this element (parent definition)
is definition for element E285500.T. Please check Country specific sources and methods of parent
Source: Health Information Division, Ministry of Health.
The legal requirements for abortion vary between countries. In Italy it is allowed to have an
abortion within 90 days of gestation; after 90 days it is possible only in case of severe reasons.
Source of data: Survey on Induced abortions, ISTAT (Italian Statistical Institute). Data refer to
the total amount of cases registered from January 1st to December 31st. For more information see
Coverage: data are incomplete for some regions and years: Piemonte (1986-1995, 1999), Friuli-Venezia
Giulia (2005, 2006), Liguria (2013), Umbria (2010-2012), Lazio (2005-2006), Abruzzo (2009, 2012),
Molise (2005), Campania (2002, 2005-2013), Puglia (2012-2013), Basilicata (2009), Calabria (1981,
1985, 2008), Sicilia (2004-2012), Sardegna (2008-2009, 2013).
Deviation from the definition: n.a.
Extimation method: n.a.
Break in time series: n.a.
Note: Since 2012, the number of abortions includes vacuum aspiration.
The total number includes legally induced abortions until the 12th week of gestation, abortions due
to medical reasons until the 24th week of gestation (up to 2007 it was until the 22nd week of
gestation) and illegally induced (criminal) abortions until the 22nd week of gestation.
Source: HI HIC, data of annual report of health care institutions. Legal requirement for abortion is
gestational period up to 12 weeks, for therapeutical abortions - up to 22 weeks.
Data are not available.
Source: National Statistics Office.
Data are corrected for the period 2000-2012.
Source: Chief Medical Officer of Public Health.
Coverage: Only abortions of women living in the Netherlands are reported. For 2010 data of one
abortion clinic are missing, those are estimated in the given numbers.
The age distribution given in the report is based on all abortions (all abortions performed in the
Netherlands, including those in women not living in the Netherlands). This age distribution is
applied to the abortions performed in women living in the Netherlands.
North Macedonia
Source: Institute for Public Health (IPH).
Data refer to officially registered abortions only (cases with special indications which allow
performing abortions).
Source: Ministry of Health.
Break in time series: Since 1993 Law on family planning, protection of the human fetus and
conditions for legal abortion bans abortion except in cases where abortion is the only way to save
the life of pregnant woman.
Data for indicators 285501 ? Number of abortions, age under 20 years and 285502 - Number of
abortions, age 35+ years are not available.
Source of data: General Directorate for Health, Annual Report. Coverage: National
Abortion corresponds to a gestation period of up to 22 weeks.
Source of data: Routine reporting system.
Source of data: Institute of Public Health of Serbia. Abortion registration report.
2011- 2013: Low figures for the number of abortions in age less than 20 years might be due to
underreporting from private practices.
Source: National Health Information Centre (NIC)
Web page: http://www.nczisk.sk/Publikacie/Edicia_Zdravotnicka_statistika/Pages/default.aspx
Selection of data - residents, respectively patients with permanent address in Slovakia (including
the homeless, residents without registration of permanent address, foreigners with permanent
address in Slovakia.
Source of data: National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia (NIJZ)
Source: Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. Data from Statistics on Voluntary
Interruption of Pregnancy. (www.mssi.gob.es/)
In 1985 abortion was legalized in Spain for three definite assumtions: 1) danger for psychical or
physical health of mother, 2) that pregnancy was as a result of violation or 3) it was assumed that
the foetus would be born with physical or psychical defects.
Break in time series: Since 2010
The Organic Law 2/2010 of March 3, sexual and reproductive health and abortion, which came into
effect on June 5, 2010, includes the new legal assumptions: 1) At the request of the woman 2)
serious risk to the life or health of the pregnant 3) Risk of severe fetal anomalies 4) fetal
anomalies incompatible with life or extremely serious and incurable disease.
Source: The National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW)
Each clinic send reports to (NBHW)

Abortions are carried out upon request of the woman until the 18th week of gestation and after that
time only for very serious indications.
Note: The collection of abortion statistics was temporarily stopped in 2012. Hence, there are no
Swedish data for 2013.
Source of data: FSO Federal Statistical Office, StatIVG
Coverage: All abortions performed in Switzerland are included, regardless of the woman's country of
Source of data: Public Health Institution of Turkey, Ministry of Health of Turkey.
The reason for the sudden increase in 2008 is due to improved recording.
The decrease in number of abortions in year 2013 is a result of the pro-natalist policy that has
been pursued in the country.
No data are available for the indicators: 285501 - Number of abortions, age under 20 years; 285502 -
Number of abortions, age 35+ years.
Source: Administrative medical statistics, forms: 19 ?Report on medical care for pregnant women,
women in labour and puerperant?, 069/y ?Journal for small surgeries? records? and 066/y ?Hospital
discharge record?.
All types of abortions including non-induced ones which are registered in the system of Ministry of
Source: Centre of Health Statistics, Ministry of Health.
United Kingdom
All ages (UK level):
England & Wales - Department of Health. Scotland - NHS National Services Scotland, Information
Services Division (ISD).
Calendar year from notifications (to the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland) of abortions performed
under the Abortion Act 1967.
N. Ireland - Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.
The 2013 all ages figure is an estimate due to the inability to obtain full UK coverage. This will
be updated when it is possible to do so. In 2016 data was updated between 2008-2013 because data
provided by Scotland was revised.

Under 20 years (Great Britain only):
England & Wales ? Department of Health. Scotland ? NHS National Services Scotland, Information
Services Division (ISD)

Over 35 years (Great Britain only):
England & Wales ? Department of Health. Scotland ? NHS National Services Scotland, Information
Services Division (ISD)

Coverage: Age breakdown is unavailable in Northern Ireland therefore data is for Great Britain only
for the age breakdowns.

Deviation from the Definition: For England & Wales, data for \age not stated\" are distributed
pro-rata across age group 20-34
Termination of a pregnancy before 28 weeks of gestation (less than 1000 g). Mini-abortions are not
included in the statistics.