• National scheme to promote active travel to school (Map)
  • National scheme to promote active travel to school (Horizontal bar chart)
  • Implementation of active travel to school and school breaks (Horizontal bar chart)
Data set notes
Health-enhancing physical activity

Indicators: 23
Updated: 21 May 2018
Downloads: 200

This dataset presents country information about health-enhancing physical activity. It provides an overview of information on selected surveillance and monitoring physical activity indicators.

The dataset is based on the questionnaire: "European Physical Activity Focal Points Network Questionnaire on priority indicators". The 28 European Union Member States of the WHO European Region were invited to participate, with 27 responding.

26 Member States of the WHO European Region are marked as “Did not participate in survey” in the dataset; these are the countries for which there is no data in the survey. In addition, when a country did not provide a response to a specific question, this is coded as “No response”.

Data has been collected by the Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Programme at the Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and Promoting Health through the Life course, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe.

Current data is available for 2015, and future data collection is foreseen.

Data was published in the 'Factsheets on health-enhancing physical activity in the 28 EU Member States of the WHO European Region', report available in English: http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/disease-prevention/physical-activity/country-work/factsheets-on-health-enhancing-physical-activity-in-the-28-eu-member-states-of-the-who-european-region.
Indicator notes
This indicator represents the response to the survey question Q16a: Does a national scheme exist to promote active travel to school (e.g. walking buses, cycling)?.

Response options:
No, but foreseen within next 2 years;

Recoded as follows:
Yes to Implemented;
No, but foreseen within the next 2 years to Foreseen in the next 2 years;
No to Not implemented;
Country notes
In Belgium, such schemes are already implemented in the Flemish region, and foreseen within the next 2 years in the French- and German-speaking
United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom, all four home countries have schemes in place for active travel to school.