• Age-standardized mortality rates from all external causes and injuries (Line chart)
  • Age-standardized mortality rates from all external causes and injuries (Map)
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Health 2020 core indicators were agreed by the WHO European Region Member States for monitoring progress towards the Health 2020 targets. Some of these indicators are based on official WHO sources and other are based on non-WHO sources, such as UNESCO and UNDP. Data from WHO sources can be accessed and queried at national level, while data from non-WHO sources is available in aggregated form, for groups of Member States.

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(6) 1.3.a. Age-standardized mortality rates from all external causes and injuries, disaggregated by sex (ICD-10 codes V01–V99, W00–W99, X00–X99 and Y00–Y98)

The number of deaths per 100 000 population is influenced by the age distribution of the population. Two populations with the same age-specific mortality rates for a particular cause of death will have different overall death rates if the age distributions of their populations are different. Agestandardized mortality rates adjust for differences in the age distribution of the population by applying the observed age-specific mortality rates for each population to a standard population.

The age-standardized mortality rate is a weighted average of the age-specific mortality rates per 100 000 people, where the weights are the proportion of people in the corresponding age groups of the WHO standard population. The age-standardized mortality rate is calculated using the direct method: it represents what the crude rate would have been if the population had the same age distribution as the standard European population.
ICD-10 codes: V01–V99, W00–W99, X00–X99, Y00–Y98.

ICD-10 codes used for the calculation of this indicator: V01-V99, W00-W99, X00-X99 and Y00-Y98.

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