Health 2020 is the European health policy framework. See the video below on how to use the European Health Information Gateway to access a country profile to take a closer look at indicators within Health 2020 targets. Note: Russian subtitles are available for the video.




1. The country view into the Health 2020 indicators is available in the country profiles. Let us take a look at the country profile for Poland.

2. There are several sections available in the profile, and we will look at the Health 2020 section. There are six targets defined for Health 2020, and each is measured by several indicators.

3. The title of each target is shown as a separate subsection. Expand the sections by pressing SHOW MORE.

4. For example, life expectancy data is shown for the entire population, and by males and females.

  • Each data point can be examined by moving the cursor over the graph.
  • Click the graph's title for a more in-depth look at the data.

5. Clicking the graph’s title opens a detailed chart where we can also compare with countries and examine the indicator in detail.

  • The solid blue line is Poland, and the dotted red line is the population-weighted average across all 53 countries in the WHO European region.
  • Both Poland and the WHO European Region average show increasing life expectancy for females over time.

6. To go back to the country profile, click on Poland in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

7. Country profiles can be download in PDF format which can be easily shared and printed.  Click the PDF icon to save the file onto your computer.

Note that the titles of each chart in the PDF country profile are linked back to the interactive graph, where you can also access the data for download, and explore further.