• Total government expenditure as % of GDP (Line chart)
  • Total government expenditure as % of GDP (Bar chart)
Data set notes
European Health for All database (WHO)

The following abbreviations are used in the indicator titles:
•    SDR: age-standardized death rates (see HFA-DB user manual/Technical notes, page 13, for details)
•    FTE: full-time equivalent
•    PP: physical persons
•    PPP$: purchasing power parities expressed in US $, an internationally comparable scale reflecting the relative domestic purchasing powers of currencies.

Indicator notes
Total government expenditure as % of GDP
Indicator code: E340201.T

Total government expenditure corresponds to the consolidated outlays of all levels of government;

-territorial authorities (Central/Federal Government,

-Provincial/Regional/State/District authorities,

-Municipal/ Local governments), social security institutions, and extra-budgetary funds, including capital outlays.

Gross Domestic Product is the sum of the gross values added of all resident producers at producers’ prices, plus taxes less subsidies on imports, plus all non deductible VAT (or similar taxes).

Country notes
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