• Per capita alcohol consumption among people aged ≥ 15 years within a calendar year (Line chart)
  • Per capita alcohol consumption among people aged ≥ 15 years within a calendar year (Map)
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Health 2020 core indicators were agreed by the WHO European Region Member States for monitoring progress towards the Health 2020 targets. Some of these indicators are based on official WHO sources and other are based on non-WHO sources, such as UNESCO and UNDP. Data from WHO sources can be accessed and queried at national level, while data from non-WHO sources is available in aggregated form, for groups of Member States.

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(3) 1.1.c. Total (recorded and unrecorded) per capita alcohol consumption among people aged 15 years and over within a calendar year (litres of pure alcohol), reporting recorded and unrecorded consumption separately, if possible

APC is part of a core set of indicators whose purpose is to monitor the magnitude, pattern and trends of alcohol consumption in the adult population. It is an agreed indicator in the comprehensive global monitoring framework for noncommunicable diseases.

The total (sum of recorded and unrecorded) APC is the amount of alcohol consumed per adult (aged 15 years and over) within a calendar year, in litres of pure alcohol. Recorded alcohol consumption refers to official statistics (production, import, export and sales or taxation data), while unrecorded alcohol consumption refers to alcohol that is not taxed and is outside the usual
system of governmental control. In circumstances in which the number of tourists per year is at least the number of inhabitants, the tourist consumption is also taken into account and is deducted from the country’s recorded adult per capita consumption. Numerator: amount of recorded alcohol consumed per adult (15 years and over) during a calendar year, in litres of pure alcohol. Denominator: mid-year resident population (15 years and over) for the same calendar year, as estimated by the UN World population prospects, medium variant

The Health 2020 indicator definition is total (recorded + unrecorded) alcohol consumption, but the Health for all database only contains data on recorded consumption. The data presented here therefore reflect recorded consumption only.

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