• Malignant neoplasm of other parts of uterus, per 100 000 population, females (age-standardized death rate) (Линейный график)
  • SDR, females, Malignant neoplasm of other parts of uterus, per 100 000 (Блочная диаграмма)
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Европейская база данных о смертности

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Европейская база данных о смертности позволяет провести анализ тенденций смертности с учетом возраста и пола по широким группам заболеваний, а также с разбивкой по 67 причинам смерти. Данные накапливались с 1980 г.

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ICD-9 BTL codes: B122
ICD-9 codes: 179;182
ICD-10 codes: C54-C55
ex-USSR 175 list: 59
ICD-10 Mortality Condensed list 1: 1038
EUROSTAT list of 65 causes: 19

SDR is the age-standardized death rate calculated using the direct method and standard European population structure.
CDR is the crude death rate calculated as a simple ratio: number of registered deaths/ mid-year population (per 100000).

Mortality rates have been calculated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe using the data on deaths by cause/age/sex and mid-year population by age/sex, annually reported to WHO by European Member States. It should be noted that Mortality rates for some countries may be biased due to the under-registration of death cases, particularly in the central Asian republics, the Caucasus countries and some countries in the Balkans region (seenotes on data availability and quality under menu item Help).
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